You Do Make a Difference

We are deeply involved in the Holy Land community supporting Christian churches, schools and social institutions. We are privileged and honored to announce our partnership with the Church of the Nativity in the Holy Land and the Franciscan Terra Sancta schools.

St. Francis entrusted his Friars with the custody of the Holy Places in Palestine in order to maintain these places and prepare them for worship as well as for the performance of religious rites. The Vatican confirmed this mission in 1342. The first reference for a school established and administered by the Franciscans dates back to the year 1598, when Giovanni Cootwyck visited the Holy Places and wrote in his diary that a school was built near the Franciscan convent next to the Church of the Nativity. As Catholic institutions of learning, the Terra Sancta schools provide general and religious base educational training. They emphasize a strong religious philosophy focusing on Christian values. Christ asked his disciples to “go ye therefore and teach all the nations”. Their educational schools are open to all denominations.

The schools offer their students a comprehensive and complete education program that offers and emphases a spiritual and mental atmosphere that is respected for all. They attempt to meet the needs of all those who are deprived economically, both physically, morally, and are open to and welcome all stranger. Thus, the school’s interest in education leads to and becomes an act of love towards humanity.

Terra Sancta schools give special care towards the poor. For the good news of the Gospel is oriented towards the poor. In many ways, the Terra Sancta schools have a special mandated based on the Holy Scripture towards the poor. In accordance with the spirituality of St. Francis, none of the schools were intended to be schools for the privileged and wealthy.

The Terra Sancta schools emphasize the religious vision of the reality of life and attempts to provide a comprehensive education in all its dimensions and values. Therefore, it is the duty of these schools to secure a close harmony and coordination between faith, diversity, culture and human life.

We are proud to support the Terra Sancta schools. Your 11 Days Pilgrimage to the Holy Land “Walking in His Footsteps” includes a visit to a local Terra Sancta school and offers a special education sponsorship donation in your name that covers the education of at least three children. This educational scholarship is at no additional cost to you. It is a special value benefit we include in your “Walking in His Footsteps” Nativity Pilgrimage tour package.