Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus

Join us on a life-changing pilgrimage to the Holy Land, often referred to as the fifth Gospel or the eighth Sacrament, and experience an amazing spiritual adventure of a lifetime. We will take you to sacred Holy sites where Jesus Christ lived, walked, preached, and performed miracles and you will connect with your faith physically and spiritually as you grow in first-hand knowledge of the scriptures.

When you travel with us you will also meet local Christians who live, work and study in the Holy Land and learn how Christian children’s education can support and protect many treasured Holy Sites for future pilgrims.

Christians living in the Holy Land enlighten us and provide insight into what is being done to preserve historical religious sites relating to the birth, baptism, ministry, scourging, crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord.

The tradition of taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land dates back to the 300s however, the practice declined with the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem in the 7th century.

We are blessed to be part of an era where pilgrims can once again travel in the Holy Land. Pilgrimages can lead to a new way of understanding the life of Jesus Christ. As you travel through the Holy Land you will experience and explore the landscape and culture of our LORD and reflect on the spiritual and religious significance of the land where He and His disciples lived, walked and ministered.

Nativity Pilgrimage offers you a comprehensive itinerary under the guidance of an experienced spiritual director.

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Nativity Pilgrimage is an incredible once-in-a-life -time experience. Please join us and walk in HIS footsteps.