Sam & Linda, Thomas Aquinas – College Station, TX

Life changing experience. Every question raised to Nativity was answered. Completely pleased with all that was done to make our trip so memorable.

Sylvia, Holy Trinity – Midland, TX

Nativity Pilgrimage has provided great services and well organized, thank you for such a quality service.

Deacon Frank, Thomas Aquinas – College Station, NJ

I highly recommend Nativity Pilgrimage, Excellent service great staff, It Is nice having a Christian tour guide and bus driver already planning my next trip with nativity.

Viola Brown
29 years, artist

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Miriam Grace
32 years, lawyer

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Rev. Eric Ritter

I was truly blessed and honored to be on one of the first Pilgrimages with Nativity Pilgrimage. Nativity Pilgrimage is based in Houston, TX but the Owner, Jacob is from Bethlehem, and it’s wonderful to have them so hands on with the Pilgrimages. Mr. Jacob and his team take a personal interest in each pilgrimage…


Good evening Jacob, This has been a fantastic tour and wonderful experience on our first Nativity Pilgrimage tour. We were so excited to come to Fatima on the 100 anniversary. Travel to Spain, Lourdes and Paris has been a trip of a lifetime for all of us! our tour leader and drivers could not have…

Fr. Jimmy

Nativity Pilgrimage is an incredible opportunity. A group of men and women, from the very place Jesus was born and lived His life, who have dedicated their lives in welcoming people from all over the world to walk in the footsteps of the Lord. My brother priests, I want to take just a moment to…

Fr. Pat

Last year, I had the opportunity to go with Nativity Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Our Guide Amer, the driver and all just contributed to making the pilgrimage one that we will remember forever and indeed, we did!!!! Over the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure to lead two pilgrimages to the…

Katie, Tour Leader

Dear Jacob, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this trip. We had the most amazing time. You and your agency created a fantastic pilgrimage that will stay in our memories forever. I truly cannot thank you enough. That was a masterpiece and job well done! Katie, Tour Leader,…

Fr. Kelly

If you are considering a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I highly recommend going with Nativity Pilgrimage. They provided the most in-depth, comprehensive, prayerful experience I have ever had out of the four times I’ve been to the Holy Land!” Fr. Kelly Diocese of Fort Worth, TX

Kerry and Mary

We traveled to the Holy Land in March, 2015, with Nativity Pilgrimage. We enjoyed the trip very much. It was well organized, and included a great variety of sights to see. We had a large group, about 50 people, but they were able to provide everyone with a memorable experience. Nativity Pilgrimage handled all travel…


I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 day pilgrimage I made to the Holy Land in March, 2015. Jacob, and Nativity Tours organized a super trip so we could see many religious sites. A fantastic tour guide was arranged for us, and the entire trip was great! When our tour organizers decided to postpone the trip from…

Deacon Tommy

Blessings This is Undescribable experience for all of us a special me. I’m finally getting who you are and what God has called you to do… Fr Peter is BLOWN away (and he has come with me here before) If you can do this to him then you know you did your work very well.…

Deacon Tony

Dear Jacob and Nativity Staff, I just want to tell you how very please I was with my trip to Holy Land. I was not only please with the efficient planning, step by step, that was done by you and your office but most of all your choosing the guide that we had. Amer was…

Fr. Mike Archdiocese of San Antonio, TX

Dear Jacob My Sincere thanks once again to you and to your team who made our trip not only a reality but also a remarkable experience. What wonderful memories I have of the trip!
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Nonprofit Organization President

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IT Group Senior Advisor

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