Pilgrim’s Resources Online


The Christian Information Center is perhaps the best open-source information center for pilgrims coming to the Holy Land. It is managed by the mortar-and-brick office of the same name; an initiative of the Franciscan Custos of the Holy Land. www.cicts.orgThe Custos of the Holy Land is the official website of the Franciscan Custos. Since the 13th Century, the Custos has been responsible for keeping Catholic pilgrimages to the Holy Land a possibility. It is also one of the largest Christian aid institutions in the Middle East, looking after the education of thousands of children in Arab communities in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. www.custodia.orgThe Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is responsible for the well-being of all Latin-Rite Catholics in the Holy Land, Jordan and Cyprus. It is active at national, diocesan and parochial levels in all aspects of the local Christian community, and its parishes help oversee the well-being of several regional places of pilgrimage important to the local Christian community. www.en.lpj.org
The Basilica of the Annunciation website is one of the best-maintained websites of a particular place of pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

The Capernaum website of the Custos of the Holy Land includes both archaeological and liturgical information to help better prepare Christians for their visit.