Nativity Cares

Nativity Pilgrimage is deeply involved in the Holy Land community supporting Christian churches, schools and social institutions. We are privileged and honored to support the Christians of the Holy Land through our Nativity Cares initiative. Khaled Jacoub, president of Nativity Pilgrimage, has significant ties to the Holy Land and feels strongly that we, as Christians, need to provide generous support of our fellow Christians across the globe.

Because of this, Nativity Cares currently provides financial support to various Holy Land parish projects and activities, as well as pastoral and educational initiatives for Holy Land Christians. Nativity Pilgrimage has been consistent in promoting awareness of the difficult situation of many Palestinian Christians by promoting and organizing Christian pilgrimages and sharing proceeds for their benefit. In addition, Khaled is establishing a special fund to aid in the creation of jobs, so that more local Christians can become gainfully employed.

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