Use your pilgrimage as a fundraiser

You have the option of adding on some additional funds to each pilgrim’s price to raise funds for your parish, school, or other favorite programs. After the final payments have been made for your trip, Nativity Pilgrimage will be more than happy to cut you or your church a check for this additional amount to use for whatever charity you choose.

Five Pilgrims Promotion

  • Book any pilgrimage (or multiple pilgrimages) between now and October 1st, 2021 for trips in 2021 or 2022.*
  • For every five paying passengers, you will get the sixth pilgrim free of charge. A minimum of 20-paying pilgrims per pilgrimage applies and are based on double occupancy.
  • You can choose to give those free trips away to others in your parish (deacons, administrators, other personnel) or you can choose to sell those trips to parishioners and use the funds to raise money for your parish or school or whatever program you wish.
  • You can sign up for multiple trips during this time period. This would be an awesome way to raise money over the next few years for special projects in your community.


All of our pilgrimage packages include roundtrip airfare, first-class hotel accommodations, two meals each day, local Christian tour guides, trip protection insurance and more. We will take you on a spiritual and cultural experience that is not only memorable but also life-changing.


*The FIVE PILGRIMS PROMOTION does not apply to the 2022 Oberammergau trips.

Nativity supports vocations

Nativity Pilgrimage, in an effort to support many of our charitable causes has created Nativity Cares a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Nativity Pilgrimage, through NATIVITY CARES, has decided to include our support for Vocations by donating up to $4,000 in your Parish’s name to your Diocese/Archdiocese in support of Vocations. Here’s how the program works:

For every package trip completed, NATIVITY CARES will donate:

  • $4,000 for groups greater than 40 pilgrims.
  • $3,000 for groups greater than 30 pilgrims.
  • $1,500 for groups greater than 20 pilgrims.

We at Nativity Pilgrimage feel strongly that we as Christians, need to provide generous support of our fellow Christians across the globe. Because of this, Nativity Cares currently provides financial support to various Holy Land parish projects and activities. We are currently expanding our mission to help Christians right here at home in the United States. It is through this mission we want to support Vocations in your diocese.