What type of attire should I bring with me?

We do recommend that you should bring a comfortable set of clothes and shoes because there will be lots of walking.

How much money should I take? Can I use American dollars? Can I use my visa?

U.S dollars are accepted in the majority of places and the visa/master card international services are provided almost everywhere. However changing a small amount to the local Israeli currency upon arrival is also recommended.

Is it safe to go to the Holy Land?

Absolutely, millions of tourists flood to the Holy Land every year and safely tour the entire area and enjoy their trip. Proper security and local government protection are provided in all the touristic sites.

Should I bring my daily medicine with me?

It is recommended to bring a good supply of whatever medications (over-the-counter and prescription) you take on a daily basis. However, pharmaceutical services are available all around

Should I bring an electricity converter with me or batteries?

Be sure that you pack an extra set of batteries for every electrical appliance.  Don’t forget the battery charger and the converter with a double or three-pronged plug.