Nativity Pilgrimage is a family owned and operated Catholic/Christian faith based pilgrimage tour/travel company with offices in Bethlehem and Houston, TX. Our Vision is to assist Catholics/Christians have a truly spiritual and meaningful pilgrimage experience while touring the Holy Land and other major religious sites in Europe and Mexico.

Nativity Pilgrimage was created to assist Catholics have a truly spiritual meaningful pilgrimage experience. This means providing the best possible services at the most affordable price. We select only the most qualified and knowledgeable pilgrimage tour guides with extensive background in all of the aspects of the touring industry which includes guiding, accommodation and transportation. We are always aware of the uniqueness of each pilgrim’s experience. A pilgrimage to the Holy Land and major religious sites throughout Europe and Mexico is a life-long dream for those who have waited their lifetime for this spiritual experience and adventure.

Our goal is to promote pilgrimages to the Holy Land to support the local Catholic/Christian community. The money spent by individual pilgrimages in the local shops, restaurants and hotels supports the economy and preserves the lives and Catholic/Christian traditions and heritage of those living in the Holy Land. They are there as the vanguard, protecting and preserving our Christian inheritance and legacy. That will be preserved for generations to come.

Our qualified professional staff and sales representatives look forward to working with you and your tour group in creating an unbelievable and memorable pilgrimage.

We appreciate your considering Nativity Pilgrimage as Your Spiritual Companion to the Holy Land and its extensive religious sites.