Nativity Pilgrimage is a family owned and operated Christian travel and tour company specializing in religious pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other sacred destinations.

Our offices in Bethlehem and Houston put us in a unique position to deliver spiritual and life-changing travel experiences as we lead pilgrims on tours to religious destinations in the Holy Land, Europe and Mexico.

Nativity Pilgrimage was created to provide affordable and meaningful faith- based travel experiences. As a service-minded company, we select only the most professional pilgrimage tour guides whose extensive industry experience in guiding, accommodation selection, and transportation ensures smooth itineraries.

We respect that many of our travelers have waited and planned their whole life for this spiritual experience, and we do everything in our ability to live up to your dream.

Nativity Pilgrimage is committed to assisting the local Christian community in the Holy Land and, while we strive to develop, promote and escort pilgrims on spiritual tours we are also ardent in our support of local Christian shops, restaurants and hotels. By supporting these businesses with our patronage, we aid the local Christian economy and help them to preserve the local Christian traditions in the Holy Land. Our support allows them to remain in Bethlehem and protect and preserve our Christian legacy for generations to come.

Thank you for considering Nativity Pilgrimage as your Spiritual Companion to the Holy Land and other religious destinations.