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Nativity Pilgrimage has organized and led more than 850 spiritual tours, 27,000 pilgrims

We have more than 27 spiritual locations in the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas and donated more $500,000 different charitable organizations.

We are deeply involved in the Holy Land community supporting Christian churches, schools and social institutions.


Amazing Destinations Around the World


Walk in the footsteps of Jesus


Home of the Vatican


Home of our Lady of Guadalupe


Rich tradition and the birthplace of Pope John Paul II


Apostle Paul’s Path


The way of St. James


The rolling green hills and home of St. Patrick


The Blessed Virgin Mary


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Join Nativity Pilgrimage and thousands of young Catholic from across USA in our exclusive events

Pope John II’s creation of World Youth Day continues these messages of purpose for all those who attend and Nativity Pilgrimage complements this message by offering supplemental dynamic and spiritual events. When traveling with Nativity Pilgrimage you will not only experience our world class pilgrimage experience but also our exclusive events alongside World Youth Day. During these two events our goal is to enrich our pilgrims experience with world renowned guests who have been called to impact our young people.

Our unique vision will allow every pilgrim to have an experience that will ignite them to live the Gospel.


Nativity Pilgrimage has created these exclusive events to enrich your World Youth Day pilgrimage experience.  These events are focused on today’s world and building a strong Catholic community.



  • Cultivate deeper rhythms of connection with God.
  • Learn how to grow and lead a discipleship.
  • Start making disciples where you are now!
  • Multiply disciples who proliferate their faith!

Nativity Pilgrimage’s First Event

Called to Be Saints

7.31.23 | 1:00 – 6:30PM


Called to be Saints

Be perfect just as your Heavenly Father is perfect Matthew 5:43-48

When you travel with Nativity Pilgrimage you will be included in our exclusive events.  This event will be focused on how we are “Called to be Saints”

We are all called to be saints.

“To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone.” – Pope Francis.

During this event dig deeper into how God is calling YOU to sainthood.  Join us as we bring world famous Catholic motivational speakers, musicians, keynote speakers together for an amazing an unique experience full of prayers, live music, the sacrament of Reconciliation, Eucharistic Adoration and Holy Mass followed by a candle light procession in Fátima.

Nativity Pilgrimage’s Second Event

Go & Make Disciples of All Nations

8.04.23 | 1:00 – 6:30PM


Go and Make Disciples of All Nations

Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men-Matthew 4:19

Not only is the world ready, but Pope Francis is ready to see the millions of Catholic youth together again.  The second event of our will focus on how to create disciples in each of our pilgrims.

“Go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them… and teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”  Matthew 28:19-20

Today you will be empowered on how to go and share our faith, be filled with the Holy Spirit through our inspirational speakers and musicians preparing you for not only receiving the sacraments but to also grow in the love of God and of the Catholic faith.  Today will prepare you to “Go and Make Disciples!”

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If you are being called to be a leader, Nativity Pilgrimage has everything you will need:

Want to be a group coordinator?

We can guide you and your group to ensure you get the full pilgrimage experience with ease.Don’t wait, it’s an easy process to coordinate your group and attend these amazing events, see the beautiful sites and experience the catholic energy that our youth provide.  When it comes to World Youth Day, just getting there is not enough. The travel logistics, hotel selections, guides, and planning all make a huge difference in your World Youth Day experience!

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How can you register?

Nativity Pilgrimage can accommodate all your needs: No group? No worries! At Nativity Pilgrimage you can join another group to be sure not miss out on any of the amazing events lined up for our travelers.
We also have a variety of extensions to add onto your experience. You can make this truly a once in a lifetime event for your group. There are many options for different pilgrimages with extensions options for Individuals or small groups to participate or join in. What are you waiting for?

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Nativity Pilgrimage Special Guests

Featured below are our special partners who will be participating in the Nativity Pilgrimage events for World Youth Day 2023.


Customize your trip

Nativity Pilgrimage is here to build and support your entire custom pilgrimage experience.  We are here to help you every step of the way. We will walk you through all your options for each itinerary and our expert team will make sure that together we create the journey of a lifetime.



We’ve got this!

Choose your Itinerary/ Date

Our itineraries are very rich and full of Holy Sites to visit in order to make your pilgrimage a once in a life time spiritual journey. If you want to customize your own, we will be delighted to accommodate special requests if you have more than 20 people. We provide customizable trips to few breath-taking and spiritually enriching places. Have a plan by knowing your objective and all you have to do is to set a departure date for the tour

Recruit travelers your Pilgrimage

Nativity Pilgrimage provides you the marketing package and tools to consistently showcase the latest travel offers along with your value as a travel professional, keeping your agency top-of-mind throughout the year. Brochures, Posters, Flyers, Website, Social Media, Print and Digital Marketing, Videos, and onsite Presentation.

Let us guide you through the entire process

Our commitment to you is a high-quality experience through our professional services. Nativity Pilgrimage ensures professional communication through the entire planning process; including reminders to travelers for requirements to provide a smooth travel experience, Our hotels are 4 star and centrally located, keeping our pilgrims near locations of interest through the entire Pilgrimage.

We care about our travelers!

Complementary medical insurance will now be provided for each tour group member. Our board has recently decided to offer free Medical Insurance for all future tour package participants.


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